Cali Style Creations

Fitness: That burning question
Can you wobble your way to buns of steel?

Mexico town’s mutant pointy boots create a craze
MATEHUALA, Mexico — The customer known only as “Cesar of Huizache” had an odd request for shoemaker Dario Calderon: He showed him a cell-phone photo of a sequined cowboy boot with pointy toes so long, they curled up toward the knees. He wanted a pair, but with longer toes.

The You Docs: Answers about shoes, knees
I've been wondering about those toning shoes that roll your feet forward with each step and claim to improve your balance. I just spent $200 on a pair. Did I waste my money?

Egypt's leader boots Cabinet
CAIRO - Facing a popular uprising, Egypt's president fired his Cabinet early today after protesters engulfed his country in chaos - battling police with stones and firebombs, burning down the ruling party headquarters and defying a night curfew enforced by the army.

Barefoot running gains a following
WALNUT CREEK, Calif. - Maybe you'll see Michae Legault of Pleasant Hill, Calif., in shoes on special occasions.

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